What Does The Year Ahead Hold for Mobile Data?

We’ve been gazing into our crystal balls here at Flint and have pulled out our top three predictions of what 2016 will bring for our JAN Crystal ball dreamstime_s_56483138industry in the year ahead:

1.  We’ll all be talking over Wi-Fi

Some of our current projects suggest that voice over Wi-Fi is now gaining real traction and will be coming to an office near you very soon. Since Vodafone followed hot on the heels of EE in launching its voice over Wi-Fi service in September, users have begun to be able to make and receive calls and texts almost anywhere they can get wi-fi coverage – even where the mobile coverage has been patchy or non-existent.  So soon you’ll be able to call or text over wi-fi at work, at home, in shopping centres and that nice little café you like so much.

2.  The standard for 5G will finally be ratified

TechWeek Europe reports that 2016 will be the year that the standard for 5G will be finalised, enabling operators, network equipment manufacturers and device makers to prepare for the launch of commercial networks by 2020. TechWeek says that the team at the 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey are poised to make the technology a reality, with Ericsson predicting 150million subscriptions by 2021.

3. The Internet of Things will suffer major security issues

IT Portal believes that cold water will be poured on the much-heralded ‘Internet of Things’ due to major security breaches which expose the fundamental weaknesses of existing IoT standards. The site says, “Existing standards will be scrutinised and proven ineffective to provide the sufficient level of IoT security” and that “MNOs will make no meaningful gains in achieving connection efficiency necessary for the IoT economy”. Meanwhile the GSMA is working on the Future of IoT Networks by aiming to establish common capabilities among operators to enable a network that supports value creation for all stakeholders.