Комплексная информационная безопасность

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Наша задача – безопасное развитие вашего бизнеса

Флинт сотрудничает с научно-исследовательским центром информационной безопасности оказывает максимально широкий спектр услуг в области защиты информации.

Благодаря высокому профессионализму своих специалистов, комплексному подходу к решаемым проблемам, созданию и внедрению новейших технологий в области защиты информации, НИЦ ИБ занимает всё более новые позиции на рынке безопасности информации.


  • Mitigation of risks from migration and change
  • Fast and effective delivery of migration projects
  • Scalable to meet end user demands
  • Maintenance of SLAs during periods of transformation
  • Cost control

Why use our Service Migration and Consolidation service?

Whether you are migrating or consolidating RAN, Core Network components, APNs – or anything in-between – we provide:

  • Fully-managed projects with a single point of contact to mitigate deployment and operational risks
  • Rapid service transfer, resulting in faster deployment
  • Proven processes and practices to ensure quality implementation of migration services
  • Advice on reducing risk and controlling costs
  • Flexible workforce which can be scaled to meet your needs

At Flint, we have the experience and capability to provide migration services for every aspect of your network. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of radio technologies and core network elements, through to application servers and content provisioning.

Our engineers use a blend of proven processes and bespoke tools to so you can be sure that your risks are effectively managed and your service migration will be seamless.

To find out how our Service Migration and Consolidation service could help your project contact us today.


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