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Network Upgrade for Major UK Service Provider

We upgraded a client’s Gateway GPRS Support Nodes (GGSNs) from ST16 to ST40. The work included upgrading nodes reserved for Corporate APNs serving high profile businesses such as British Airways and TomTom, as well as the emergency services and government organisations.

Flint was chosen by this lead Global Tier-1 vendor to take responsibility for the end-to-end process and execution of all corporate APN migrations. We quickly gained the client’s confidence during early technical discussions and demonstrated our expertise.

We were able to show evidence of our experience in executing similar exercises at other leading service providers and to ensure that all risks were fully mitigated.

“Flint’s expertise, approach, professionalism and tenacity all contributed to one of the best delivered services I have ever witnessed in almost 30 years of telecoms”

Senior Manager at Leading UK Service Provider

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